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Galina Klochkova

Head of school

Dear Friends, Our web site is for people not indifferent to problems of education, who are strongly convinced that happy school sets up our children for a life of success.

We welcome those who trust the professionals and is able to think creatively. We want students and parents who are looking forward to the bright future for their kids.

Join us!

Today we are a true international school in terms of both: offering accredited International Baccalaureate programs (PYP and MYP, DP) and having international students.

The language of instructions is Russian, however, English speaking teacher assistants are actively involved into the learning process as well as teachers who support students mother tongue.

We are  proud to get an unlimited educational license as well as a  long term state accreditation and thus not only our school leavers get National Certificates of General Education but also we are always aware of all modern trends and changes in the system of teaching and assessment based on the  State Federal Standards of Education.


Established in 1992, the school has been functioning as a full day school with a time table convenient to the parents work schedule: 8:30 -16:00 Monday to Friday.

Personal approach and attention to every student and teacher's educational style, whatever their background, is the major  principal of our work. All-round education, as we get it, is not just a set of various school subjects, but also every day work on creating  students'  art or science essays, research, theatre and concert performances.


Meetings with parents is yet another crucially important thing. And they are not  ordinary parent-teacher assemblies many people are used to. We run individual meetings with a family or thematic conferences focused on the topics that most parents are concerned with: complicated issues of  assessment ,  mandatory subjects, controversial speculations on parents love, being strict with a child etc


For us it's really important  to be both heard and understood.

Having been one of the well established private schools, we, in fact, are creating a NEW school, which is really а humanitarian one in the best meaning of this word, a high quality school that assists each and every child to reach their full potential, so they can fully participate in the economic and social life of our society.

And, not less important, is that we've learnt to sincerely emphasize with both: our failures and achievements, build on the mistakes and believe in ourselves.

Best regards, Galina Klochkova, head of school

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